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The Property Manager’s Maintenance Company

MAMD Property Management

MAMD Property Management (MAMD) provides full-range, high quality maintenance for property owners and professional property managers in Metro Lake City, FL. We specialize in making properties rent-ready by restoring and maintaining the interior and exterior of diverse buildings. As a licensed and bonded business, MAMD earns the trust of its clients; maintaining properties all over the Lake City area.  Through the years the founder of MAMD started managing real estate.  MAMD Peoperty Management maintains that portfolio of properties consisting of Homes and land. Wanting to expand MAMD’s founder began to offer his maintenance services to others who manage properties in Lake City area as the staff is trained to deal with tenants and housing related issues. We are experienced, honest and thoughtful and ready to meet your needs.

MAMD Property Management currently employs consists of twenty-five craftsmen that specialize in electrical, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, flooring and many more trades. Our qualified crew handles architectural and design work in Metro Lake City area as well as the ability to interact with city inspectors and permit pulling.

Our emergency services are provided 24 hours a day. Our friendly staff is committed to solving your building problems. Please contact MAMD Property Management in Metro Lake City, FL area to receive quality maintenance services and building restoration.

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